Welcome to the working day at Petworth gates.

Welcome to the working day at Petworth gates.

The time has come for photos!

I’m not going to exhibit photos that are mundane and official. I believe a website doesn’t warrant it. Instead I’m posting photos that are interesting and offer an inside and privileged view of this exciting project.

We are having fun and this is what we do; hopefully our enjoyment and passion comes through the pixels to you! Go to Gallery?


About Nick Bates

I'm a Blacksmith working in Surrey, England, UK. My business, Burrows Lea Forge operates from a Forge just outside Guildford in the village of Shere. I've been trading as a Blacksmith since 1992. Burrows Lea Forge specialises in hot forged Ironwork, designing and making bespoke items for both the public and domestic markets. To the casual onlooker, there seems to be two sides to my business, Artist Blacksmith and Traditional Forge worker, but as an Artisan I see no difference, if you love forging hot metals as I do.... its all the same!
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